The MOBB Affect

Manifestations of Brazen Blackness

The MOBB Affect was born in response to the continued state of social unrest spurred on by white supremacy mindsets and racially motivated hate crimes that have resulted not only in the torture and/or subsequent murder of black/brown people, but the systemic allowances that are made for white perpetrators of such crimes, many of whom face little no consequence for their savage crimes against humanity.


The MOBB Affect is an invitation for black people and allies of all shades to elevate the social culture and consciousness of our nation from a place of love, respect, mindfulness, holistic empowerment, and collaboration.

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The more people who know about The Huddle Haven, and the more who participate in our projects, the bigger the impact we'll have in our efforts to shine a light into the dark corners of humanity in a sustainable way--not JUST in the immediate aftermath of when another life is lost to hate. We cannot change that which we are not willing to see, talk about, or defend against. We cannot incite change that which we are not willing to s

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You don't have to grieve, feel outraged, or heal alone. This group is designed for us to acknowledge the impact of our grief, to respectfully express our protest, and to share inspiration and habits that promote healing, and to engage in active support of each other on the journey.

4. Participate in a MOBBalogue

MOBBalogues are a series of transparent dialogues exploring various facets of racism and racial injustice from diverse perspectives. These discussions are featured on YouTube and other social media platforms.


To schedule a MOBBalogue, reach out to: