Our Projects

In light of the heightened state of social unrest spurred on by white supremacy mindsets and racially motivated hate crimes that have resulted in the torture and/or subsequent murder of black/brown people, we are currently focussed on elevating the social consciousness of our nation as it relates to racism.

The MOBB Affect​

The MOBB Affect is an invitation for mothers of brown/black children and allies of all colors to elevate the social culture of our nation by fostering the humanization of brown/black people, and to do so from a place of love, empowerment, healing, creative expression, educational truth-telling, relationship-building, and active self-protection.


Private Facebook Group




HAIKULLAGE is a series of multimedia community art installations celebrating the beauty of diversity, the magic of sameness, and the power of unity. Each work is constructed by real people with a real desire to contribute ti the positive change-making the our nation, and the world, so desperately needs.

The Huddle Book

​The Huddle Book is a print literary journal and empowerment tool celebrating all variations of humanity. We publish fiction, creative nonfiction, articles, poetry, drama, art, and Huddle bits that are not common to the conventional literary journal (i.e. meditation, notions, potions, wellness recipes, magic spells, . . . We acquire first rights for publication, and, upon publication, rights revert to the author.