Huddle Up

with Adriena Dame

Huddle Up


Huddle Up is a YouTube & Podcast series focused on the optimization of self and and humanity. Not only am I sharing juicy life bits from my personal and professional journey



am fe aturing Huddle Up discussions with other dynamic humans who are willing to contribute their stories and perspectives.

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Social Elevation
The MOBB Affect is a safe space for mothers of brown/black children and allies of all shades to raise the social consciousness of humanity by fostering the humanization of brown/black people through truth-telling, art-making, and co-creating.YouTube & Podcast episodes are coming soon.
When I discovered that I could sense the unseen, communicate with spiritual beings, and travel to other dimensions, I unlocked truths that I have elevated my quality of life and I began to use these gifts to contribute to the lives of others. YouTube & Podcast episodes are coming soon.
Our earthly origin story started with two people whose hormones and gene pull set in motion the "stuff" that we are made of. And from the womb to our experiences in our nuclear family, we have learned all kinds of things that helped to mold our conscious and subconscious thoughts, perceptions, reactions, cultural comfort zones . . . YouTube & Podcast episodes are coming soon.
Good Loving
Good loving isn't easy to come by, but when I experienced it, I knew there was no turning back. YouTube & Podcast episodes are coming soon.
When my health, wellness and marriage wacked out in 2012, I set out on a more intentional path toward holistic health and wellness.  Along the way, that twisting, winding, hilly path to personal wellness ultimately diverged. I used my challenges to fire up some greatness. YouTube & Podcast episodes are coming soon.
Growing a sustainable business is no easy feet. I have a plethora of insights to share about how I became a serial entrepreneur, hit rock bottom, and found the gumption to rise.
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