HAIKULLAGE is a series of multimedia community art installations celebrating the beauty of diversity, the magic of sameness, and the power of unity. Each work is constructed by real people with a real desire to contribute ti the positive change-making the our nation, and the world, so desperately needs.



1. Like, follow and share The Huddle Haven on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


2. Follow The MOBB Affect on YouTube.


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4. Participate in a MOBBalogue

5. Submit Content

As long as you created it and you have not published it anywhere in print, online or on any social media platforms (The Huddle Haven reserves first-time publishing rights, after we publish your work, all rights revert back to you). 

Content submissions may include:

  • Haikus and other forms of poetry

  • prose reflections, mediations, personal narratives

  • vocal and/or instrumental recordings

  • visual artwork (i.e. paintings, photographs...)

  •  mood selfies (selfies that express different emotions . . .  happy, sad, confident, pensive, peaceful, outraged . . . )

Complete a Contributor Agreement to submit up to 10 items at a time. Questions? Email: thehuddlehaven@gmail.com