My name is Adriena Dame. I'm 100% alchemist and a perfect blend of HighVibe love energy and soul fire. My passion for being of service to humanity shows up in the work that I do as an intuitive arts therapist (i.e. spiritual readings/channeling), therapeutic massage and bodywork practitioner, and publisher of The Huddle Book.

I'm a military brat, respect the impermanence of all things, believe in transparency, cling to humility and inner-child energy, and keep things light until it's time to get deep. I'm ever learning, evolving, and living with a heart full of gratitude.


Military Brat

In case you didn't know, the phrase, "Military Brat" is a form of military slang that describes a child of serving or retired military personnel. It reflects a unique subculture and cultural identity that is always evident when we cross paths with each other in the world, and has nothing at all to do with us being spoiled rotten or prone to unruliness.

Health and Wellness

When my health, wellness and marriage wacked out in 2012, I set out on a more intentional path toward holistic health and wellness.  Along the way, that twisting, winding, hilly path to personal wellness ultimately diverged into professional and entrepreneurial growth, and the manifestation of HighVibe Living,

where I serve as a therapeutic massage and bodywork practitioner. 

Intuitive & Medium

Okay. So, don't freak out (at least not until you hear me out). I understand that it can be challenging for we humans to embrace the things we don't understand. In fact, for a very long time, I didn't embrace certain aspects of myself that didn't seem to fit into the larger framework of how world so eagerly insisted that I should be if I wanted to be accepted. I didn't embrace my wild kinky, hair (it was permed once a month to keep it straight). I didn't embrace my gayness (it was swept into the recesses of my mind to keep me "straight"--Ha!). And I dared not tell anyone except my mother that I saw spirits, or felt people's energy, or knew the unknown. In fact, I mostly ignored it all--the shadow figures that appeared in my room, the astral projecting, the divining dreams. I ignored, and ignored, and ignored until finally I could not, and didn't want to. Now, I know these happenings to be gifts from God, and I use these gifts to be of service to other seekers on the journey.


I have been divorced three times (technically, one was an annulment). They were each challenging in there own way, and I am thankful for the lessons and liberation I gleaned in the midst, and aftermath, of each.

Writing & Publishing

A writer, author, and former publisher of 94 Creations Literary Journal, Iris Brown Lit Mag and assistant managing editor of The Louisville Review, I am an experienced literary editor, creative writing coach, and publisher.

Parenting & Mentorship

I am the mother of one and mentor to many. My child and I have one of the hosting amazing relationships that I have ever experienced. It is honest, lively, and full of humor. And as a result of teaching for years in the public school sector, as well as in collegiate professorship roles at various colleges, I have had the pleasure of cultivating dynamic mentorship-oriented relationships with many of my students of the years. The truth is . . . I learn as much from them as I hope they learn from my efforts to support them on their respective journeys. 

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;

and to do so with some passion, some compassion,

some humor, and some style” – Maya Angelou