Our Vibe

We’re upbeat, offbeat, high-vibe, genuine, compassionate, awakened, and honest.

Our Manifesto

Our culture and values are the principles we strive to live by. And while the fundamental core spirit of these are permanent, our culture will constantly be evolving and progressing. Thus, this Manifesto is a Living Document and is susceptible to fabulous, organic growth.


  • Do good. 

  • Be honest, genuine and true.

  • Compete only with yourself.

  • Build your sisters up.

  • Strive to remain humble.

  • Continually challenge yourself to love and grow.​


  • Treat others the way we would want others to treat the people we love most in the world.


  • Inject laughter, fun and quirkiness into every day.


  • Encourage the broadest possible range of diversity within our scope of service.


  • Create healthy, vibrant interactions, relationships and learning experiences.


  • Cultivate an environment of trust.

  • Take risks, even from a place of vulnerability.

  • Honor spiritual interplay.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;

and to do so with some passion, some compassion,

some humor, and some style” – Maya Angelou